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Pinus resinosa - Canada


Red Pine essential oil is sourced from the Canadian Boreal forests. It is obtained from the needles and twigs of the Pinus resinosa tree through steam distillation. It is a colorless to pale yellow liquid with a typical conifer scent.

Olfactive Profile

Woody, green with a balsamic undertone, warm resinous aroma, lightly camphoric.


Flavor Profile

Fresh and medicinal.

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Pinus resinosa, commonly known as red pine, is a conical, straight-trunked, evergreen conifer. It typically grows to 35
meters in height, its bark is a light color, its branches grow spreading and ascending, its twigs are colored from orange to reddish-brown, needles are straight to slightly twisted. It is a member of the Pinaceae family and botanically classified as a conifer.


Indigenous Peoples traditionally employed it for numerous uses, including the resin for caulking canoes and mending
roofs, however, it was mostly used for medicinal purposes. It was the most important timber pine in the Great Lakes
region and remains one of the most extensively planted species in the northern United States and Canada.


Its turpentine content makes it an essential choice for household products, especially those intended for the maintenance of wood. In a circular economy approach, Cedarome uses the twigs and the needles left behind as by-products from the timber industry as a primary source for the production of Pinus resinosa essential oil. Applications include fine fragrance, flavour/food, cosmetics and aromatherapy.

Technical Sheet

Botanical name: Pinus resinosa
Botanical family: Pinaceae
Accepted synonyms: Red Pine, Norway Pine
Common names: Red Pine
Origin: Northeastern North America
Source: Canada

Cultivation Method: Wild harvested
Harvest period:  May to October
Plant part used: Needles and twigs
Method of extraction: Steam distillation
Main components: α -Pinene, β-Pinene, Myrcene, I-Limonene

CAS: 8000-26-8 / 94266-48-5
INCI: Pinus resinosa needle oil
EC: 304-455-9
Appearance: Colorless to pale yellow liquid with a scent specific to conifers

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