Setting the standard

Today, Cedarome is not only renowned worldwide for its citrus specialty and as the upmost expert in Canadian Naturals, we are also an increasingly important source of expertise in other essential oils. Our in-depth product knowledge and experience often make us most qualified to determine product specifications.

long-term relations

Cedarome has always been looking and reaching out far and wide. Far, since we have been actively “creating the future”, across the world, since day one. And wide, because one of the company’s core belief is “growth through alliance”.

Let it be with you, our customer, or with our partner-producers, we all share the same objective to supply our clients with Nature’s best. To source the best quality raw materials, we have developed and maintain strong, close, long-term relationships for over three decades, through continued collaboration and support, with our international partner-producers.
Partnerships, valued long-term relations with producers_Jerry O'Regan

As a trusted partner, we are often asked to assist in aspects of our partner-producer operations. Let it be optimizing an extraction process to increase yields, or attaining sustainability objectives, such as finding uses for by-products, we work hand in hand with our partner-producers.

We are also proud to share our savoir-faire with our customers. Our customers come to us for our decades of experience and in-depth knowledge of products and processes, which we use to develop new products for their markets or customizing specialty products for their applications.

SUSTAINABILITYCommitted to sustainability

In our everyday operations, as well as when developing new products and processes, we favour an eco-responsible approach. We do the same when choosing and working with our partner-producers all over the world. To attain this objective, we know our partner-producers need our help, and we happily lend our support to all needed, responsible sourcing and sustainability efforts. Cedarome is proud to say it takes responsible actions for the long-term health of the environment, social conditions, as well as the local economies that help us serve the global economy.

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