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Cedarome built its excellent reputation as a producer and worldwide supplier of essential oils by sourcing the finest raw materials, building trained and skilled teams of specialists, and constantly investing in its secured facilities and Research & Development; all the while meeting the ever-changing demands of the different industries it serves. Our certifications and compliance are testimony to this effect. We are proud of our strong ties to our customers and our partner-producers. Working in synergy we attain our common goals. Today Cedarome is not only the most important business of its kind in Canada, and an increasingly important global player.

OUR ESSENCENature serving the senses

OUR MISSION: to create products sourced responsibly from Nature to serve the senses. This is our “raison d’être”, our essence: Nature Serving the Senses.
Our essence Nature serving the senses_Lady with leaf_Cedarome

The key-elements of our mission are nevertheless OUR VALUES, our ethos and our code of conduct, guiding our every day practices and decisions. Our values are as follows:


For all people. We pay attention to all our collaborators; customers, suppliers, and employees.


For our shared world. Acknowledging Nature’s fragility and our role in preserving it. Recognizing how our actions impact individuals, communities and our collective well-being.


Consistently making the right choices: Being transparent, honest, truthful, loyal, always earning trust.


In all its forms, especially generosity of spirit. Leading by example. Giving back to people and Nature.

OUR VISION: To grow. To become the largest, most innovative, worldwide essential oil company. We plan to do this by moving beyond producing and supplying, to increasingly collaborate and support our present partner-producers, as well as our future partner-producers, and ultimately acquire land around the world to grow raw materials, in the most sustainable manner.

Our certifications & compliance

PEP (Partenaires en protection – Secteur privé et Agence des services frontaliers du Canada)
C-TPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism)
Logo Safe Quality Food
Logo Pro-Cert Organic
REACH (Enregistrement, évaluation, et restriction des substances chimiques) de l’ECHA (Agence européenne des produits chimiques)
IFRA (International Fragrance Association)
Logo ADICQ_Association for development and Chemistry Innovation of Quebec
Halal certifcate Logo
Canada's Kosher certifcate Logo

Our specialized personnel

Mahdi Chaouchi, MSc
Mahdi Chaouchi, MSc

Heads the formulation team. Mahdi holds two Masters in Chemistry, one at Université Paris XI and a 2nd Master at École Nationale Supérieure du Pétrole et des Moteurs.

Mario Ménard
Mario Ménard

Part of the original cast. Mario started on the floor and more than 30 years later, he is still rallying the troops.

Françoise Crabalona
Françoise Crabalona

A true French perfumer from Grasse. Françoise has been with Cedarome for over a decade helping us serve the fragrance industry.

Audrey Brown
Audrey Brown

Holds a Masters in Food Science and Chemistry from McGill University (Montréal). Audrey is our Compliance and Continuous Improvement Specialist.

Mesmin Mekem, PhD | Chemist
Mesmin Mekem, PhD

Mesmin has a doctorate in Chemistry of Natural Substances from University of Hambourg in Germany.

Brigitte Vachon, BSc
Brigitte Vachon, BSc

With over 15 years’ experience in Quality Control, Brigitte oversees the QC laboratory.

Florentina Grigorescu, MSc | Chemist
Florentina Grigorescu, MSc

Holds a degree in Organic Chemistry. Florentina has been overseeing processes and advanced chemical analyses at Cedarome for over 20 years.

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