Cedarome Canada Inc.’s production facilities include fractional distillation units for the isolation, deterpenation and fractionation of crude oils into specialty products.

R&D capabilities include molecular distillation, fractional distillation, gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, agricultural residues analyses and other advanced techniques.

As industry requirements change and become more stringent, our R&D personnel work in close collaboration with industry experts to develop new products and better processes to ensure that our products meet the most exacting of industry standards.

Cedarome works on some of the most innovative new product development projects, together with some of the most renowned names in the essentials oils world today. These large multi-national companies turn to us as a partner, not only because of our new product development capabilities and our scientific expertise, but also because of our ability to respond quickly. At Cedarome we know how crucial time is in keeping a steady pace for our customers’ new product development, in order for them to stay ahead of the game.

The creation of a line of new concretes and absolutes has positioned us as an important player in the innovation of fine fragrance raw material. This exclusive line of aromatic naturals has been adopted by many of the most reputable perfumers in the world.

A recently built production facility is dedicated to the extraction and purification of botanical extracts. Today, Cedarome custom manufactures botanical extracts for use in bioactive cosmetics.