Cedarome Canada Inc. is devoted to producing products of the highest standards.   All incoming and outgoing materials are carefully controlled for their quality and analyzed throughout all stages of production.  Cedarome has adopted a strict Food Safety & Quality Management System with policies and procedures which meet all legal requirements and industry best practices.
Cedarome produces not only to comply with each of the international standards applicable to the diverse industries in which our customers work, Cedarome produces to meet each and every customer’s particular specifications.

A certified Quality System with controls at each step of the process, including continuous sampling and extensive in-house quality control, ensures consistent high quality products and compliance to applicable international standards and customer specifications. Each customer’s specifications, for each product, are kept in our database and automatically verified, at every step of the process, from the reception of the raw material to the shipping of the final product.

Quality control laboratories, staffed by highly qualified technicians with years of industry experience, provide hands on, in-house assessment using state of the art instruments. Cedarome’s laboratories are fully equipped with all the conventional (densimeter, refractrometer, PH-meter…) as well as the latest most sophisticated (colorimeter, gas chromatograph, mass spectrometer…) analytical instruments.