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Cedarome Canada Inc. is your trusted source for high quality raw materials. From Canadian Forest Naturals to Aromatic Chemicals, Cedarome carries a full array of materials for all of your production and development needs. Cedarome produces a full range of folded and terpeneless natural citrus oils and their isolates and a complete line of Canadian forest naturals.

Our steam distillation plant, the largest facility of its kind in Canada, has been in operation producing indigenous essential oils since the mid 1980s. Throughout the years, production capabilities have greatly expanded to include the full spectrum of specialized equipment used today in the production of our different product lines. Cedarome has retained the most dedicated team of highly qualified experts with years of industry specific experience gained with some of the world’s largest companies.The credo of Cedarome’s founder and owner, Pierre Trahan, is:

“I always take a long-term stance. I make sure that today’s decisions favor long-term relationships. This holds true for new and old customers, as well as for new and old suppliers, whatever their present size. We plan to be here for a long time and we need our customers and suppliers to be here with us. For this reason, it is important that we team up and shoulder each other, as we translate our respective visions into success.”

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