Cedarome Canada inc. is not only a renowned manufacturer of high quality coniferous products used in fine fragrances, pharmaceuticals and personal care products; it is also a leader in the concentration and processing of citrus oils, and an important distributor of essential oils and aromatic chemicals derived directly from the distiller, farmers and manufacturers.

Cedarome takes pride in its citrus expertise and the specialty citrus products it had developed throughout the years. Today, Cedarome produces a full range of folded and terpeneless natural citrus oils and their isolates of every kind for the most demanding applications.

As a major supplier to many of the highest volume users in today’s market, Cedarome has become one of the largest importers of crude citrus oils worldwide. We compete on the global market in both commodity type products and highly specialized citrus products for the beverage, food, fragrance, and sanitation industries.

Secured sourcing with key groves around the world ensures consistent high quality raw material year after year, crop after crop. Regardless of market conditions, we get the best material in order to offer you, our customer, the best material.

Cedarome production facilities include numerous fractional distillation units for the deterpenation, isolation, and fractionation of crude oils into specialty products, which are in a high demand for their capacities of resolving application problems such as solubility and stability.