Cedarome sources the finest raw material in the world, directly and responsibly, to produce a full line of the finest pure and natural essential oils, including cold pressed and speciality citrus oils such as folds, terpenes and terpeneless, as well as high purity Natural Isolates. Our company has grown tremendously since 1984, and we continue to take great pride in our Canadian Naturals, specially our coniferous oils, concretes, absolutes and resins, undeniably the best of their kind.

NATURALS ISOLATESCompleting your formulation

Cedarome offers a whole gamut of specialized natural isolates from a variety of natural raw materials. Our high impact, strictly natural, functional isolates work well in a number of applications. These products are developed in concert with our customers, for use in their formulations, and according to their needs to improve product profiles, such as flavour, fragrance and performance.

Our natural isolates product line includes :

  • Alpha-Bergamotene (trans)
  • Beta-Bisabolene
  • Citral min. 95 % F.C.C.
  • Decanal (Orange C10 aldehyde)
  • D-Limonene
  • Linalool ex orange
  • Nootkatone ex grapefruit
  • Octanal (Orange C8 aldehyde)
  • Thujone 90 % ”min”
  • Valencene ex orange
  • Sinensal, alpha & beta

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