Founded in 1984 as a small Cedar Leaf Oil manufacturer, Cedarome Canada Inc. has become a leading producer of coniferous oils, concretes and absolutes; a renowned importer and transformer of citrus oils and an important distributor of raw materials used extensively in the Flavour and Fragrance industry.

By placing quality and customers first, Cedarome has earned a reputation as:

  • A reliable supplier, capable of handling large projects. Our extensive facilities, operated within a strictly abided to certified Quality System, as well as our track record, built on years of consistent high quality products and service, are why our customers entrust us with their most important projects.
  • A flexible supplier, capable of responding to requests rapidly. As our customers race to bring new products to a constantly changing consumer market, they profit from the quick and decisive managerial style of our owner-managed business.
  • A supplier with broad industry knowledge and in-depth product knowledge, capable of creative problem solving. Our dedicated team of highly qualified experts with years of industry specific experience, is in place to meet the challenge of the most unexpected demands.

We continue to build our success, and help our customers build theirs, on:

  • Uniqueness:Canadian based, owner-founder managed
  • History: several decades of successful operation
  • Innovation: constant R&D, always looking to find new, winning products and processes
  • Strategic alliances: privileged relationships with business partners, whether growers, producers, other suppliers, or our customers.