Citrus Specialties

Cedarome Canada Inc. specializes in the deterpenation, fractionation and folding of citrus oils.  Our production facility is equipped with the most up-to-date analytical instrumentation making it possible to analyze and produce the exact product specifications required by our customers.

In addition to our production capabilities, our analytical capabilities include Agricultural Residues Analyses, where we screen all of our citrus oils for ARs.

Downloadable Citrus Specialties Product List

  • Bitter Orange Oils

    Folded, CP, Distilled,


  • Decolorized Oils

    Folded, FC free, Terpeneless

  • Grapefruit Oils

    Folded, CP,


  • Lemon Oils

    Folded, CP, Essence,

    Terpeneless, Washed,

  • Limonene

    d-limonene, l-limonene

  • Lime Oils

    Folded, CP, Distilled,

    Terpenes, Washed

  • Mandarin Oils

    Folded, CP, Terpenes

  • Orange Oils

    Folded, CP, Terpenes,

    Terpeneless, Essence

  • Tangerine Oils

    Folded, CP, Terpeneless, Terpenes