Canadian Forest Naturals

Cedarome Canada Inc. is internationally renowned for the quality of its Canadian forest naturals.  With the Canadian forest in our backyard, we have direct access to unlimited sources of renewable raw materials such as freshly trimmed branches from coniferous trees.

From plants such as: fir, cedar, spruce, hemlock, pine and birch, we produce essential oils, concretes, absolutes, resins, balsams and other botanical extracts, which are extensively used in fragrances, cosmetics, aromatherapy, household fragrances and pharmaceutical products.

Downloadable Canadian Forest Naturals Product List

Decolorized Absolutes

  • Black Hemlock DC1
  • Black Hemlock DC2
  • Blue Hemlock DC1
  • Blue Hemlock DC2
  • Fir Balsam DC2


  • Black Spruce
  • Eastern White Cedar Leaf (Thuja occidentalis)
  • Fir Needle Canadian
  • Hemlock
  • Western Red Cedar Leaf (Thuja plicata)
  • White Pine
  • White Spruce


  • Balsamea Coeur
  • Black Hemlock
  • Blue Hemlock
  • Fir Balsam


  • Balsamea Coeur
  • Black Hemlock
  • Blue Hemlock
  • Fir Balsam